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Good Water For Life

For yourself - your children - your pets

The Standard Water Kit (alias Large) is fitted to the outside of the main water pipe on the house side of the water meter.  Has no moving parts, contains no magnets, uses no chemicals or electricity and does not filter the water.  The Water Kit technology aids the water to return to its natural energised state.

The return of life force is evident in the improved taste and obvious plant growth in your garden. The soft energised water may appear crystal clear with a reduced chemical taste. We like to say it takes water back to mountain water taste.

If you are on tank water the Water Kit is attached to the outside of the pipe on the house side of the pump. Rain water being acidic will be altered to slightly alkaline.


The Small Water Kit comes in a set of 2 (not sold individually) with velcro strips for attaching. The Small Water Kit  was developed for the traveller and for those who live in an apartment, unit or flat in areas where they are unable to fit the 'standard/large Water Kit' to the main water pipe supplying the water to their residence. Unlike the 'standard Water Kit' this little unit was developed to put one on the kitchen tap and one on the shower or bath arm.

With the Water Kit fitted, life force is put back into your water, the water then tastes & feels like rain water or a clear mountain stream.

You only need to purchase the Tesla's Water Kit once.

Nothing to replace.
No on going costs.

Ancient and Modern Technologies combine to give you good water to drink, shower and bathe in for all your household needs.


Changes the ionisation of the molecules from a majority of positive ions to a majority of negative ions. (A Tesla Electron Stabiliser may be needed for best results because electrical wires cross over your plumbing.)
The chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules and as such, the smell and taste of the chlorine is diminished.
The water's memory of all the added chemicals is removed, (which does not happen with conventional filters).
The microscopic heavy metals in the water clump together making it simpler for the liver to get rid of them.

Nothing to replace and no ongoing costs.

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