5G Large Home Elite House Kit

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The Large 5G Oyster House Plate in this kit is made from 2 large fourteen sided plates, especially designed to be used on properties in areas where high communications are necessary (cities and suburbs) and large properties. The energy from the Large 5G Oyster/Farm Plate influences an area of approximately 12+ hectares or 30+ acres, however in an area of high communication this area is reduced due to the extra required job the plates are having to do.

The Large 5G Oyster House Plate produces a specific energy (non-Hertzian) that makes the frequencies from Mobile Phone Towers (microwave), Satellites, Communication Towers, Radar and High Voltage Power Lines, Wind Farm Terbines, Solar Farm Panels, etc,  biocompatible. In the process of doing this, the unit also helps plant and animal life within its field of influence.

5G Elite House Kit consists of:

  • 1 Tesla's Large 5G Oyster House Plate – helps households/farms cope with Geopathic Stress, EM Radiation and air ionisation.
  • 1 Car Travel Plate  – helps alter the aggressive fields coming from the electronics in cars.
  • 1 Small Octagonal Plate - for solar panel inverter or smart meter. You may need a second one if you have both appliances
  • 1 Pocket Plate – helps with minor pains or bruises and can be used to alter the taste of water.
  • 2 Adult Personal Pendants – strengthens the energy field, helps concentration and also helps calm children who are sensitive to the manmade chaotic frequencies.
  • 4 Phone Tags – alters biological effects coming from mobile or cordless phone transmissions.
  • 1 Electron Stabiliser – attaches around a power cord and softens the chaotic frequencies in the wiring to coherent.
  • 1 Water Kit – puts life force into tap water, tastes and feels like rain water (no ongoing costs)
    To encourage our clients to take care of all their home and family bio-energy needs, we offer this package at a 20% discount on recommended retail prices.
  • 1 Laptop/Tablet Tag Set - for laptop or tablet/iPad
  • 1 Bag (may differ without notice)
  • 1 Owners Manual.
House Kit - Plate Options
House Kit Base Pack
Each 5G Elite House Kit includes: 
  • 1 Large 5G Oyster House Plate
  • 1 Car Travel Plate
  • 1 Small Octagonal Plate
  • 1 Pocket Plate
  • 2 Adult Personal Pendants
  • 4 Phone Tags
  • 1 Electron Stabiliser
  • 1 Laptop/Tablet Tag Set
  • 1 Water Kit
  • 1 Bag (could differ without notice)
  • 1 Owners Manual

To provide our clients confidence in their purchases; all our Tesla’s products (except pendants) have a three month money back guarantee (excluding shipping and handling) providing product is undamaged and in a saleable condition.

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