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Our titanium product, which is structurally altered to be able to do the specific job it is designed to do, has been on the market worldwide for more than 20 years now, with great respect and credibility. We suggest you choose your product wisely, the slogan "The original and the best" applies to OUR Tesla product not most others which are nothing to do with our product or Nikola Tesla.

              To read more on this subject and how to test, if you're interested, scroll down to "The Original and the Best". 

The Truth about 5G

We have articles on this subject further down the page "Is 5G Really Safe?".

Here to Help!

Our aim with this website is to make a difference. If we can create an awareness, pass on the knowledge we have gleaned and help some of those who are searching for answers, we will have achieved our objective.

We have Products available to render your mobile devices safe to use.  The damaging ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), which these devices exude, is safely altered to allow us to live happily and harmoniously whilst using and carrying them. 

We offer a selection of energetic products for individuals pursuing good health and a healthy lifestyle naturally. Our objective is to provide customer satisfaction and possible relief and calming from an array of health concerns and emotional challenges.
Choose from Tesla’s Products – living harmoniously with modern day technologies; Phones, iPads, iPods, Laptops, Computers, phone and communication towers, overhead high voltage power lines, transformers, Smart Meters, Solar panel Inverters, NBN boxes, etc.

You will note, unlike most other websites promoting similar sounding products, that we don't mention that our products will protect against ElectroMagnetic Radiation and Frequencies (EMR and EMF) when using devices. This is due to the government departments policing our website content and have forbidden the use of the word protection. How others are allowed to get away with it, we don't understand.  Therefore we have to use the alternative explanation that our product allows us to now live harmoniously with these damaging signals creating a calm, peaceful environment.

Is 5G really safe?

We are constantly getting calls from people wanting to know what they can do to be safe from 5G. Many questions, and little wonder because we’re reading that it’s untested on humans.

Some, in Australia, will tell us it’s quite safe, however, read and listen to scientists and doctors round the world and it’s a far different story. Thousands of scientists worldwide who have studied this technology for years, say NO it is NOT!

5G radiation

It has never been proven safe – in fact it has been shown to threaten the health of plants, humans and all animals.


Everyday Living Essential Oils – life enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom, exceptional products re-emerging as one of the key solutions to the wellness challenges facing our modern lifestyles. Therapeutic-grade oils helping people to live healthier, more balanced lives, we need to do more than "mask" the problem, finding the source and dealing with the issue may be the reward you are seeking.

As a normal disclaimer expected from any health related topic, nothing on this website is to be construed as medical diagnosis or advice. Do your own research, make your own choices. If you find information, and there is so much out there, which I know is really confusing, feel free to come back to us and we will discuss your concerns.  We've been working with this product for nearly 20 years and have seen a lot of products, which are claimed to do what the Tesla's product does. These products come for a short time and then are gone. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and greed out there and this is a huge concern of ours, we want to provide education about the best product and how you can best test to find it. 

Radiation issues from Japan ... Do we need to be concerned?

We believe we still do need to be concerned. The disaster in Japan of their nuclear reactor energy plants in chaos and the radiation release, unfortunately we are all being subjected to those pollutants, some areas more dangerously than others, coming at us from the atmosphere including via rain, and the sea life are all affected in the Pacific Ocean, resultant of Japan’s damaged reactors. Up until now, no-one was advising in the media of what we should be doing to assist our health. The radioactive seepage, which is still occurring, from the Fukushima plant is spreading through a large area of the Pacific Ocean and beyond and nothing at this point is stopping it's advance, no-one has found an answer to how to stop it.

Tesla's Technologies has product which is working really well in Japan and assisting with health challenges, and I for one will always have the plates with me where ever we are in the world.  Aqueous Iodine/Potassium Iodide in the correct mix, is important to use to keep our thyroid 'topped up' so that there is no space for radioactive iodine. It is important to know that the iodine you buy off the shelf is not suitable for injestion. 

We keep the Tesla's Technologies products close to us at all times as a precaution. If we were visiting Japan we would wear a Personal Pendant and also carry a Travel Car Plate on our body. Listen to the video on radiation and nuclea energy plants for an explanation of a radiation case in Victoria in 1998 and the positioning of large Tesla's plates and the subsequent reading over the following 5 years. If you don’t already have these products you may choose to order from here today.

Tesla’s Technologies Products assist our bodies deal with these interferences and our supply of essential therapeutic-grade oils will complete the combination to create effective wellness solutions.

Be responsible for yourself, read, research, gain knowledge and Order Today! Build your Foundation back to Wellness or equip yourself for years to come to stay healthy.

Are you looking for answers?

They may be here…

Sadly our environment is not as healthy now as it was one hundred years ago.
There are many contributing factors, but the issue of Electro Magnetic Radiation and Electro Magnetic Fields of Frequencies (EMR/EMFs) and Geopathic Stress is creating ill health and disease and is a rapidly growing concern for many. Many doctors unfortunately are unaware that many of their patients presenting with fatigue and depression-like symptoms, very well may be affected by their environment.

Geopathic Stress is affecting all of us whether we believe it or not.
Mobile/Cell phones and their towers with that necessary signal, high voltage power lines, power stations, electrical sub-stations, transformers in the street, satelite dishes on the roof - aimed at your bedroom or your house, solar farms, wind turbines, fluorescent lighting, computers, the list goes on….

Check this out!

Our Tesla’s Technologies products help the body deal with electrical interference from Mobile/Cell and cordless Phones and Mobile Phone Towers, Computers, Televisions, electricity Smart Meters, etc. Electrical wiring, Transformers in the street, Electrical Sub-Stations, SMOG, EMR and EMFs, etc.

Have you ever thought about the Inverter which is in your garage for your solar panels to convert to electricity and hot water?  Have you thought about the High Voltage Power lines running down a street less than 4km from your home? Have you thought about the turbines on a wind farm or the inverters on the Solar Farms now appearing everywhere, which might be near you? Sensitive people are unable to live near these so if it affects them, it is affecting us all. Maybe you have a battery operated or hybrid car, do you have difficulty staying awake when driving or as a passenger? Is your Meter Box sitting on the outside of your bedroom wall where your bed head is positioned? Does your child attend a school with computers and wifi? Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? I could continue, but I want you to know there are many, many issues out there which are affecting our health and we just don't think of the possibilities.  We have had many enquiries for all of these situations and more, and we will/have worked with them to remedy these challenges using Tesla's product.

Nikola Tesla, the grandfather of harnessing electricity, knew we would have health issues with the Alternating Currents he had produced, (AC electricity we use today) but gave us technology to allow us to live safely and harmoniously with these potentially harmful frequencies and signals. In this ever increasing digital technology world, we have so much more to deal with now than just electricity.

Original and still the best

Even though our Tesla's Technology has been titanium for the last two decades it was originally aluminium, but titanium is a far superior element for this product and technology and has far superior effective results for us and our environment.

These products use no batteries, magnets or electrical power and are cost effective due to the fact that it is a once only purchase. Nikola Tesla had nothing to do with batteries.  Products on the market using the name Tesla and using batteries, which of course need to be replaced, have nothing to do with and is NOT aligned with Tesla's Technologies products. The Tesla's name and the manufacturer of the Tesla's Technologies products have been in the market place for 20+ years and due to the success of the product, many tend to use the name to get your attention without any alliance to the man and his work. "The original and still the Best" is a really great slogan, beware of the attention seekers using our good name.

It saddens us that many sites are writing mis-information, saying their products will "protect" you from 5G.  Choose wisely, test your choices. If you are serious about finding a product to allow you to live with 5G safely, the best way to test a product is to use kinesiology/muscle testing.  Your body will tell you if you are going to be "protected" with these products. If you don't muscle test yourself or know someone who does, you can Google for a Kinesiology Therapist in your area.  Other sites won't suggest you test this way because they know their products won't stand the test.

Any of the gauss or e-meters won't give you a reading of the effectiveness of our Tesla's products as our product is designed to assist the body biologically (hence the muscle test) the meters are not designed to read this energy.

The Internet is a confusing information outlet I know, with everyone providing wonderful information about their product, it is very difficult to work out who to trust. This is why I suggest you test with muscle testing or dowsing, you will always get the correct information for your body.

Are you affected?

The growing percentage of knowledgable people are searching for product to keep them safe in this modern, mobile device world, knowing that radiation is harmful for their family.  Sensitive people are searching for the answer to their discomfort because, believe it or not, they feel it.

Thanks to Nikola Tesla and his brilliant mind, he enabled us to have every gadget possible and as a consequence, we now live in a chaotic world but looking for peace and tranquility.

Nikola Tesla, the man who developed our Alternating Current (AC Electricity) used today, knew over one hundred years ago that to the living on this earth it was “the most dangerous thing on earth”, and he had created it. Our products are produced using a device Nikola Tesla designed to allow us to live safely with his inventions.

In search of harmony

With thanks again to Nikola Tesla, we have an answer to our polluted EMF atmosphere. We may now live safe and harmoniously with all those manmade modern conveniences and electrical technology which we surround ourselves with in our homes and work places.

Energy Health & Harmony invite you to take time, move through the tabs/areas of our website and discover the answer you may be searching for on how to improve the environment you live in. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Email: or

Richard: 0411 704 676 and Bronwen: 0411 598 581
Or write to us at:
PO Box 3321, Erina, NSW, 2250, Australia.

Now you can enjoy the atmosphere and environment your body craves. This is a once only purchase as it will last a life time. It is transportable and goes with you when you holiday or move house and therefore ideal also for the rental property.

Also most beneficial when installed in the place of work to improve productivity and relationships.

We have a number of different Harmonising/Safe-Living Kits. The Family 5G Small Oyster House Kit, the 5G Large/Farm Oyster House Kit  the Small 5G Essential Kit  and the 5G Elite House Kit. There are also three smaller Kits on this site for Adults, Teens and for the Hybrid Car. Due to the numerous different environmental situations we live in, we have a ‘Kit’ appropriate for any one of those situations.

The 5G Small Oyster House Kit is one of our best sellers because it cares for the whole family. Our new kit - Small 5G Essential Kit has become very popular. With 5G threatening, we are happy with the knowledge that we are already positioned to deal with it.  Our products can be bought separately or discounted in Kit form, this helps make the decision of what to purchase, because it covers your whole environment.

As mentioned, we have also now added a number of new Kits for you choose from and this allows further opportunities to purchase at a reduced cost. These extra new Kits are on 'trial' and may cause confusion so we will monitor reactions.

Products can be bought separately or will be discounted when purchased as a full kit.

The House Kit was put together to assist clients cover their house, car, phones, water and body with Tesla's products to return the environment to a feeling of calm and ‘back to nature’.  Allowing living harmoniously with frequency interference such as mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines, radar, underground water and ley lines, Solar Panel Inverters, Smart meters, electrical sub-stations, transformers in the street, the list goes on...

By purchasing as a complete kit we are able to offer a 20% discount on each of the kit items to encourage our clients to take care of their entire home and family's bio-energy needs at an affordable price. Some of the smaller kits have less percentage discounts.

The 5G House Kit

Family House Kit

The 5G Small Oyster House Kit consists of:

The full retail price of this kit purchased individually would be $2330

however we offer the full kit for $1865 (saving $465).

For information about the individual items and prices in the House Kit please go to “Products”.

We honour a 3 month money back guarantee on all product except Personal Pendants (excluding shipping and handling) provided the product is returned in saleable condition. Pendants which have been worn by an individual are not resaleable.

If you want quality and a long time proven product, unfortunately you have to pay for it!  Cheap imitations won't "protect" you as they say. Choose wisely, test the products using kinesiology.                           

After much research and development there is an answer to our polluted EMF atmosphere, and also the threat of the scary 5G high frequency technology.
We call them the ‘5G House Kit’ and '5G Essential and Elite Kits' and are a combination of our Tesla’s Technologies Products put together to assist clients cover their environment - house, car, phones, water and bodies in Tesla’s products at an affordable price.