About Us


Our business is currently based just north of Sydney, New South Wales, in the Central Coast, with scenic country, water and ocean views abound. Being an online and physical business we are in the enviable position of being able to move and travel when we feel the urge.

Our aim with our worldwide business is to be able to support those looking to have a healthy, less stress lifestyle.  Most people are looking for better health and knowledge about ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), safety for their home and family. We can promote and assist with this wherever we are.

We have been involved in the industry of health, both for ourselves and others, for about 20 years. We are available to assist where we can with the possibilities of showing available products to help deal with some health challenges and the ever growing evidence of stress we have, with modern technologies and electronics we now don’t want to live without. Many of these stress-causing technologies are being forced upon us with damaging outcome for our health, and we have products to allow us to live safely and harmoniously with our devices.

We know we have benefited by using the products we promote and love to share our knowledge and understanding with anyone looking for the same.

Many, many people have turned their lives around by utilizing these products in their lives and this is incredibly satisfying.