5G Large Oyster House Plate or Farm Plate

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This Particular configuration is made specifically for homes or properties in areas of high chaotic signals or communication (cities and suburbs) or large properties.  The energy covers 30+ acres, however this is reduced in high communication areas as the plate is required to work harder. The 5G Large Oyster House/Farm Plate helps counteract the effects of geopathic stress, which has also been found in country areas where one would expect only tranquility.  This is discovered when a hidden tower or business is located with high voltage processing plant near by.

Some farmers have reported growing larger healthier plants with less water.

The 5G Large Oyster House/Farm Plate is made from two specially developed House Plates and should not be placed on metal. 
This Plate produces a specific energy which makes the frequencies from Mobile phone towers (microwave signal), Satellites, Communication Towers, Radar and High Voltage power lines biologically compatible.

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>10 in stock

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